The exhibition in Riyadh Saudi Arabia ended successfully

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The exhibition in Riyadh Saudi Arabia ended successfully

       From January 13 to 16, 2020, Wenzhou Longhua Machinery co., Ltd  participated in the 17th Saudi International printing and packaging exhibition, which was first opened to the paper packaging industry, held at the Riyadh Convention & Exhibition Center, Saudi Arabia.


       Because this exhibition was too close to the Indian PAMEX exhibition in time, Longhua couldn’t come with machine. Even so, the Saudi Arabia and the Middle East people still took a look at the quality of our machines at this exhibition.


       Most of the Saudi entrepreneurs bought European machines before, which is pretty expensive. And in their minds, European and Japanese machines have good quality, while Chinese machines are hard to say.


       The emergence of Longhua refreshed  their understanding of the Chinese machine. From 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. local time, six hours per day .In totally four days, 24 hours 1,440 minutes, videos of machines running at high speed are played in turn, attracted  the attention of many consumers and made them realize that the original Chinese machines are neck and neck with European and Japanese.


       Gold will always shine, and good quality will not be obscured by information asymmetry and opacity. Many clients said they were happy to see companies such as Longhua in Riyadh. Even some of them are not in the paper packaging industry but still left their contact information. "paper packaging is replacing plastic’s" they said.


       Only the brave can cook the future. These company owners are the brave ones with their eyes on the future. They will change the "separation of printing and packaging" in Saudi Arabia and create a new era. And Longhua is also the brave who went on an expedition before Saudi Arabia shows its packaging market potential.


       Perhaps in the near future, these employers will be switch their area. And at the time, Longhua will be their powerful weapon that help them snipe tomorrow.